Viptour was created to make Santiago known, as well as the main tourist attractions of Chile within the highest quality standards. Since we deal with small private groups we can easily adapt to the preferences of our passengers, thus offering them the best of attentions.

All our tours in Chile start out in Santiago, its the capital. Located in front of The Andes Mountain Range, 500 m above sea level, Santiago has Mediterranean weather. Santiago will only be the beginning of your visit to our beautiful country.

Due to its peculiar geography (a little over 4.000 Km / 2.500 miles long and 200 km / 125 miles wide on average), you can visit the Mountain Resorts and Ski Centers in the morning and easily enjoy an amazing sunset by the sea in the afternoon.


Enjoy going alone with your group- You can make some modifications to the Tour.

Discounts by number of passengers.